The Song is You

by Amateur Party

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Joe Gallagher
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Joe Gallagher The swan song from Philadelphia's greatest, unsung punk band. Favorite track: Our Hearts, Young & Over Reaching.
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What was that Amelia said? That "P is for the pain."
It's just like Lance said, you curse the sky but you still can't stop the rain.
Thanks for listening and supporting Rorschach Records. Amateur Party says lots of love, smash the cages, up your veg, and free the 'henge.


released October 24, 2013



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Rorschach Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Our Hearts, Young & Over Reaching
What was that Amelia said? That "P is for the pain."
It's just like Lance said, you curse the sky but you still can't stop the rain.
So here's to the mix tapes, here's to 45s (the treble's high),
Here's to outrunning the others who we want to leave behind.
So show me your rates, let's see if I'm justified
Here's to the ones built up like concrete blocks who never gave a fuck about our lives.
Now, here's to deposits lost and broken mic' stands.
Skinned Teen(s), "sutured hearts," why don't you tell me about your favorite band?
'Cos you can do what you want to do without anyone to counsel you.
And you can say what you want to say
And you can stay at my house but don't leave that on my roommate's bed.
My heart was young, it was over-reaching.
My heart was in my throat but still persistent, beating.
Spurred on by survival songs from Oly, Wa, and DC,
Then missing the nite-owl bus when you went down to meet me.
[A love song for Heavenly, J Church, mix-tape swappers, pouring over the Kill Rock Stars catalog, getting mail from Dischord, Rugger Bugger, and all the friends making music now.]
Track Name: Glad Tidings
"Keep on your mean side" goes that Kills line, but I don't think I'll toast
'cos it all seems such a bother to let that chip capsize your shoulder.
He's got big plans, he's his own man, he's kicking down doors.
"A rush and a push and the land is ours" but it's so much pretense for a few guitars.
He wants glad tidings all the time,
and expanses like the ocean every time some rare, great notion.
He wants blue skies bereft of thunder every weekend in the summer, but see his plans get torn asunder every time.
[This is not a Kills dis track, just borrowed their line (and, obvies one from Moz). Just a song to say, "Why do a lot when you can do just a little? Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, you.should.know."]